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Summer Sleeping Mat

Summer Sleeping Mat

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  1. Material and Structural Principles for Lasting Coolness: (1) Geometrically unique cool beads provide breathing space between the body and the mat, allowing air to flow freely, creating a natural breeze-like sleep environment, and efficiently removing excess body heat and moisture for quick-drying and heat dissipation; (2) Imitating fingertip pressing, the uniquely shaped, textured cool beads offer a soft sleep aid, enhancing the sleep experience with a fingertip-like particle pressing effect; (3) Utilizing a soft, three-layer 3D fiber structure, it provides ample and soft support, relieving muscle pressure throughout the body while speeding up the process of falling asleep, and delivering a comfortable deep sleep experience.
  2. Right-Angle Edging + Pillowcase Rope Inset Technique: Simple yet elegant design.

Size:Queen Size: 80 x 60 + 12 inches King Size: 80 x 76 + 12 inches

Key Features: Long-lasting coolness, quick-drying and heat dissipation, soft sleep aid, pressure relief, anti-pilling, non-shrinking, machine washable, foldable.

Target Audience: Suitable for a diverse population.

Washing and Care Instructions:

  1. Keep water temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, and it is advisable to use a laundry bag to protect the fabric and extend its lifespan; wash time should not exceed 15 minutes.
  2. Dry in a cool, ventilated area, and avoid direct sunlight to prevent reducing the lifespan of the product.
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